How To Choose The Right Career For You

If you are at the moment of deciding what to study, we will tell you how to choose the right career for you, discarding five fairly common myths. Make an informed decision.

how to choose right career

Choosing a career can be a decision that causes a certain degree of frustration among young people since they often feel disoriented or need more solid arguments to convince themselves about the career they want to study.

When facing this decision, it must be taken into account that when it comes to choosing what we plan to dedicate ourselves to all our lives, impositions are not worth it, and the choice must be made based on our tastes and abilities. Therefore, it is by no means valid for someone to tell us what to study.

The Research Institute in Clinical and Social Psychology confirms that making the wrong choice could substantially affect our professional development. The Internet portal Universia says that one in 3 students is wrong when choosing a university career. Also, that two out of three do not know what to study when selecting.

Before choosing a career, we consider it pertinent to consider some myths that surround the choice of a bachelor’s degree.

how to choose a career

Myths about choosing a college career

Choosing a simple career is a complicated process, to which you must give all the time it deserves. 

A career advisor can tell me which career to choose.

A counselor cannot tell you which career is best for you, but their help will be precious to guide your choice and give you elements to make your own decision.

Getting wealthy from my career will make me happy, whether I like it or not.

Salary is an important factor in choosing a career, but not the only one. For many, it is more important to enjoy their work because the plan is that your trade or career will accompany you throughout your life.

If I change my career, my knowledge will be lost.

Well-acquired skills and knowledge stay with you forever and are often helpful on other fronts.

If my best friend is happy with a career, I will be too.

Each person is different, and what works for one does not necessarily work for another.

how to choose your ideal a career

How to choose your ideal career?

There are many ways to choose your ideal career, but basically, we can do it in five steps:

Think about what you would like to do every day, analyze yourself, and think about the activities that generate the most enthusiasm. You can also do it through discarding, eliminating from the list those activities in which you do not identify yourself and do not feel that they are for you. 

Analyze what your strengths and weaknesses are

Since you know what you identify with and what you would like to do, analyze if you have the profile for it, place the strengths you have, the skills you have already developed, and your weaknesses and opportunities to improve. Then, take a vocational guidance test! It will help you perform analysis.

Research the career that interests you

If you already have a career in mind, do some research on it, the employment landscape, where you can work, how much you will earn, the possible risks you may be exposed to, what you could specialize in, etc. That way, you will soak up information about it.

Know the job opportunities you could have

To learn more about this aspect, you can approach people you know who have studied this career and are working in the area you want to work. This way, you will have a clearer picture of what to expect at the end of your degree.

Question about universities and study plans

Last but not least, choose the most suitable university to study your career. Ask about the curriculum, teachers, classes, how you can qualify to get a scholarship, and more. Choosing a good university is as crucial as selecting the ideal career for you. 

how to choose a career summary

In summary

It is essential that when choosing a degree, you do it based on what motivates you and what you are passionate about. Likewise, remember that it is a task that must be taken seriously and patiently to choose the right career at the right university.

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