Top 10 Group of Companies in Bangladesh

Group of Companies in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a beautiful country full of small greenery in the world. Although Bangladesh is small in size but not small in terms of population, Bangladesh is the eighth-largest country globally. The population of Bangladesh is constantly increasing, and government agencies and various non-governmental organizations are constantly working on how to utilize this huge population for human resources. Here have many Group of Companies in Bangladesh.

The government alone can’t employ such a large population, which is where the private sector’s contribution is. At one time, Bangladesh was only dependent on agriculture, but now Bangladesh is not dependent on agriculture. As a result, numerous private companies have been formed in Bangladesh, keeping pace with the times.

Companies in Bangladesh

These private companies in Bangladesh, on the one hand, have created employment for the people of the country. On the other hand, they are meeting the demand for the products of the country’s people. The proliferation of these private companies is not limited to the country but is now expanding to meet the needs of the country’s people. Many foreign countries are completely dependent on Bangladeshi products.

Unlike the rest of the world, the countries have already reached the peak of development. Although Bangladesh is many times more developed than before, it has not yet reached developed countries like Qatar. No country is sitting at this time of competition. Each country is moving forward with the goal of how to develop them. The more the number of businesses in a country increases, the faster the country will move forward. The role of business behind the development of a country is immense.

Top Companies in Bangladesh

As the number of businesses increases, employment will increase, unemployment will be reduced, the demand of the people of the country will be met, which will reduce the dependence on imports and at the same time increase the rate of export which will increase the foreign exchange earnings. In this way, a business organization plays a major role in developing the country. So now the government of every country is giving more importance to business from head to toe. Why will Bangladesh lag in this competition? This type of business has also developed in Bangladesh. With the day and night work of innumerable workers, the companies are constantly growing, and at the same time, the total GDP of the country is increasing. So, Bangladesh is constantly moving forward for companies’ contributions today, and I will talk about them.

List of top 10 companies in Bangladesh

[Note: Which company is bigger in terms of resources or human resources is not serially written here, only the top 10 companies in Bangladesh are highlighted here]

Bashundhara Group

Bashundhara Group was established in 1986 with this slogan about 33 years ago today (for the country and the people). With the evolution of time, this small company has become one of the largest companies in Bangladesh. Bashundhara Group currently employs about 56,000 workers, but the actual number is thought to be much higher. The total assets of Bashundhara Group amount to about 50 thousand crore rupees. Bashundhara Group has been conducting business in many other sectors, including cement, gas, services, media, sports, steel, food, and medicine.

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Jamuna Group

Jamuna Group is one of the largest companies in Bangladesh. Their journey started in 1974. After 46 years, they have become one of the largest companies in Bangladesh. The Jamuna Group has the largest shopping mall in Bangladesh (Jamuna Future Park). It is the largest shopping mall in Bangladesh and the largest shopping mall in South Asia. , Chemical, construction, engineering, print, etc. The total assets of the Jamuna Group amount to about 1.3 billion dollars.

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Beximco Group

Beximco Group has been dominating Bangladesh’s export, import, and stock exchange market. Now Beximco Group employs about 75,000 people. This Group currently has assets of about 1.2 billion. Beximco Group has been doing business in various fields, including clothing, engineering, online, food, pharma, television, investment, backing. In addition, it is one of the leading television channels in Bangladesh (Independent Television).

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Akij Group

Akij Group is one of the oldest companies in Bangladesh. The company, which started in 1940, is now 60 years old. The Akij Group employs about 60,000 people. The total assets of the Akij Group amount to about 1.46 billion. Akij Group has been conducting business mainly in jute, textile, ceramic, food, tobacco, pharmaceuticals and other sectors. The Akij Group’s journey began with the jute industry.

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Square Company is very well known in Bangladesh. At this time, Square is well-known for its pharmaceutical industry. Square medicine is also very popular outside Bangladesh. It has been conducting business in medicine, food, clothing, media etc. Square Company is 72 years old. The journey to the Square began in 1956. (Maasranga TV) Square Company.

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Meghna Group

Meghna Group is another big company in Bangladesh. The total assets of the Meghna Group amount to 2.5 billion. About 32,000 workers are employed in the Meghna Group. Meghna Group provides services in cement, paper, insurance, Chemical, security, media, oil, sugar, milk, etc.

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Pran-RFL Group

It isn’t easy to find people in Bangladesh who have not bought RFL products or do not know RFL companies. The RFL Group has created a huge workforce of about 130,000 people. Thirty-nine years ago today, on March 16, 1971, the journey of RFL Group started. FL Group is exporting a large number of products abroad to meet the country’s demand. The Pran RFL Group operates in various sectors, including food, plastics, agriculture, media, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and gamer, but RFL’s plastic products are the most popular.

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Abul Khair group

The steel of Abul Khair’s Group was very popular. The name of Abul Khair’s tin heard in everyone’s mouth. The journey of Abul Khair’s Group started 6 years ago in 1953. Steel, Ceramics, Tobacco, Cement are the four main sectors of the business.

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ACI Limited

ACI group is one of the leading companies in Bangladesh. Now ACI company assets amount to about 236 million. ACI Limited started its journey 26 years ago, in 1992. ACI Limited provides services in various sectors, including Chemical, agriculture, motorcycle, consumer goods, food, transportation, electronics, communication, and more.

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Partex Group

Partex Group products are very popular in Bangladesh. Now Partex employs about 55,000 people. The Partex Group was founded 61 years ago in 1959. This Group currently has total assets of about ২ 6.2 billion. Partex Group operates in plastics, food, steel, housing, sheep, jute, power, paper, agriculture, IT, housing, textiles, etc.

So these were the top 10 companies in Bangladesh. So I hope you have a good idea about the top 10 companies in Bangladesh.

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