Bank Asia Limited Customer Care Number, Head Office Address, Routing Number, Swift Code

Are you looking for Bank Asia Limited Customer Care Number, Head Office Address, Routing Number, Swift Code? Well, we already listed here Bank Asia Limited Customer Care Number, Head Office Address, Routing Number, Swift Code for you.

Bank Asia Limited

Bank Asia Limited is the largest bank in Bangladesh, which was established in 1999 under the Bangladesh Banks Order. The bank’s main objective is to provide banking services to the customers with the highest level of honesty, transparency, and quality. So, if you want to make contact, see the bank’s contact information and make a call right away.

Bank Asia Limited Logo

Bank Asia Limited logo

Bank Asia Limited Customer Care Number

Bank Asia Limited Customer Care Number 16205

Telephone: +880 2 7110042, 7110062, 7110147
Fax: +880 2 7175524

Bank Asia Limited Email Address

Any customer of Bank Asia Limited can avail of the service by sending details of any service-related issue to their email address

Bank Asia Limited Head Office Address

Rangs Tower, 68 Purana Paltan, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh.


Bank Asia Limited Routing Number, Swift Code

What Is The Routing Number?

The routing number is the nine digits that identify the specific financial institution, and payment is made through this bank. The routing number can be found on the bottom left side of a bank’s website.

Use of Routing Numbers

A routing number is a unique number assigned to a bank branch. It is used for funds transfer, deposits, digital checks, and bill payments.

When To Use Routing Numbers

To pay online, you must provide your account number and routing number. Furthermore, to transfer money online internationally, you need to provide the routing number of that branch so that the bank will pay based on the routing number. So if you want to send money from one country (e.g., America) through a different country/branch (e.g., Japan), you would need to provide this information when making the payment transaction.

Bank Asia Limited Routing Number

DistrictsBranch NamesRouting No.
BarisalBarisal Branch070060283
BograBogra Branch070100372
ChandpurHajiganj Branch070130889
ChittagongAgrabad Branch070150135
ChittagongAnderkilla Branch070150469
ChittagongBahadderhat Branch070150793
ChittagongBhatiary Branch070151213
ChittagongCDA Avenue Branch070151484
ChittagongChittagong EZP Branch070151576
ChittagongDohazari Branch070152562
ChittagongKamal Bazar Branch070153974
ChittagongKarnaphuli EPZ Branch070154078
ChittagongKhatunganj Branch070154278
ChittagongLichubagan Branch070154636
ChittagongLohagara Branch070154665
ChittagongMCB Sk Mujib Road Branch070154902
ChittagongOxygen More Branch070155880
ChittagongPatherhat Branch070158140
ChittagongStation Road Branch070157512
ChittagongStrand Road Branch070157570
ComillaComilla Branch070191152
Cox’s BazarCox’s Bazar Branch070220252
DhakaAgla Bazar Branch070270165
DhakaAshulia Branch070260225
DhakaAshulia SME Branch070260238
DhakaBashundhara Branch070260559
DhakaCorporate Branch070260854
DhakaDakshinkhan Branch070260917
DhakaDhanmondi Branch070261187
DhakaDonia Branch070271427
DhakaElephant Road Branch070261332
DhakaEskaton Garden Road Branch070270215
DhakaGulshan Branch070261729
DhakaHemayetpur Branch070262052
DhakaKalatia Branch070273438
DhakaLalmatia Branch070262836
DhakaMCB Banani Branch070274037
DhakaMCB Dilkusha Branch070262928
DhakaMirpur Branch070262986
DhakaMitford Branch070274066
DhakaMoghbazar Branch070274187
DhakaMohakhali Branch070263198
DhakaNorth South Road Branch070263556
DhakaPaltan Branch070275207
DhakaParagram Bazar Branch070270152
DhakaParibagh Branch070270202
DhakaPragati Sarani Branch070263701
DhakaPrincipal Office Branch070275357
DhakaRuhitpur Branch070275836
DhakaRupnagar Branch070264018
DhakaSatmasjid Road Branch070264034
DhakaSavar Branch070264092
DhakaScotia Branch070276130
DhakaShantinagar Branch070276343
DhakaShyamoli Branch070264300
DhakaSonargaon Janapath Road Branch070260083
DhakaTejgaon Link Road Branch070264526
DhakaUttara Branch070264634
DinajpurDinajpur Branch070280676
FaridpurFaridpur Branch070290529
FeniFeni Branch070130526
GazipurGazipur Branch070330526
GazipurKonabari Branch070330942
GazipurTongi Bazar Branch070331633
JessoreJessore Branch070410941
KhulnaKhulna Branch070471548
KishoreganjBhairab Branch070480197
KishoreganjTarail Branch070481154
KushtiaKushtia Branch070500943
LakshmipurChandraganj Branch070510191
LakshmipurRamganj SME Branch070511037
MoulvibazarMoulvibazar Branch070581188
MunshiganjBaligaon SME Branch070590153
MunshiganjMalkhanagar Branch070590887
MunshiganjNimtala Branch070591660
MunshiganjSerajdikhan SME Branch070591286
NaogaonMohadebpur Branch070641099
NarayanganjFatulla Branch070670523
NarayanganjNarayanganj Branch070671180
NarsingdiMadhabdi Branch070680676
NoakhaliChatkhil Branch070750580
NoakhaliSonaimuri Branch070752238
PabnaIshwardi Branch070761216
RajshahiRajshahi Branch070811937
SunamganjJagannathpur Branch070900493
SylhetBeanibazar Branch070910317
SylhetLaldighirpar Branch070912502
SylhetSylhet Branch070913798
SylhetUpashahar Branch070913730

Bank Asia Limited Swift Code


Bank Asia Limited Service Hours

  • Sunday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Monday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Friday: Closed
  • Saturday: Closed

Bank Asia Limited Branch address & Location

Bank Asia Limited is one of the largest private banks in Bangladesh, and it is constantly expanding its branches to enhance its banking activities. Currently, Bank Asia Limited Bangladesh If you want to know the components, address, phone number, and details of Bank Asia Limited click on the link below and find out the details.

All Bank Asia Limited Branches by Names

Branch NameDistrictAddress
BarisalBarisalFakir Complex, 112 Birshrashtra Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir Sarak, Barisal
BograBograJamil Shopping Centre, Baragola, Bogra
HajiganjChandpurMunshi Plaza, Hajiganj, Chandpur
AgrabadChittagong69 Agrabad C/ A, Chittagong
AnderkillaChittagong184 JM Sen Avenue, Anderkilla, Chittagong
BahadderhatChittagongMamtaz Tower, 4540 Bahadderhat, Chittagong
BhatiaryChittagongBhatiary, Shitakunda, Chittagong
CDA AvenueChittagong665 CDA Avenue, East Nasirabad, Chittagong
Chittagong EZPChittagongZone Service Complex, CEPZ, Chittagong
DohazariChittagongSadek Tower, Dohazari, Chittagong
Kamal BazarChittagongKabir Tower, Kamal Bazar Mohora, Kalughat, Chittagong
Karnaphuli EPZChittagongKEPZ Zone Service Complex, North Potenga, Chittagong
KhatunganjChittagong273/268 Khatunganj, Chittagong
LichubaganChittagongAl-Emarat Complex, Lichubagan, Chandraghona, Rangunia, Chittagong
LohagaraChittagongMostafa Centre, Lohagara, Chittagong
MCB Sk Mujib RoadChittagong1269/B Sk Mujib Road, Agrabad C/A, Chittagong
Oxygen MoreChittagong422 Oxyzen More, Kulgaon, Biazid, Chittagong
PatherhatChittagongIbrahim Sobhar Tower, Patherhat, Noapara, Raozan, Chittagong
Station RoadChittagongMohiuddin Market, 170 Station Road, Chittagong
Strand RoadChittagongSA Chamber, 317 Strand Road, Majhirghat, Chittagong
ComillaComillaChowdhury Plaza, House 465/401 Race Course, Comilla
Cox’s BazarCox’s BazarJN Plaza, Plot 226, Tekpara Burmese Market, Main Road, Cox’s Bazar
Agla BazarDhakaShafi Plaza, Aglabazar, Nowabganj, Dhaka
AshuliaDhakaChowdhury Plaza, Zamgara Bazar, Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka
Ashulia SMEDhakaTanvir Super Market, Ashulia Bazar Bus Stand, Savar, Dhaka
BashundharaDhakaPlot 25, Block A, Avenue Road, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka
CorporateDhakaNoor Tower, 73 Sonargaon Road, Dhaka 1205
DakshinkhanDhakaKC Plaza, Noapara, Dakshinkhan, Uttara, Dhaka
DhanmondiDhakaMeher Plaza, House 13/A, Road 5, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1205
DoniaDhakaHossain Tower, Shampur, Dhaka 1236
Elephant RoadDhaka64 Elephant Road, Dhaka
Eskaton Garden RoadDhaka1 Eskaton Garden Road, Dhaka
GulshanDhakaBay’s Gallaria, 57 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka 1212
HemayetpurDhakaMolla Market, Hemayetpur Bus Stand, Tetultola, Savar, Dhaka
KalatiaDhakaKalatia Shopping Centre, Shamserpur, Keraniganj, Dhaka
LalmatiaDhakaPlot 4/3, Block D, Lalmatia Housing Estate, Dhaka
MCB BananiDhakaAR Tower, 24 Kamal Ataturk Road, Banani, Dhaka 1213
MCB DilkushaDhaka4 Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka 1000
MirpurDhakaNishi Plaza, Plot 1, Avenue 4, Section 6, Block C, Pallabi, Mirpur, Dhaka 1216
MitfordDhakaBismillah Tower, 147/148 Mitford Road, Dhaka 1100
MoghbazarDhakaTropical ML Point, 43 New Circular Road, Moghbazar, Dhaka 1217
MohakhaliDhaka82 Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka 1212
North South RoadDhaka89 Shaheed Syed Nazrul Islam Sharani, North South Road, Dhaka
PaltanDhakaRangs Tower, 68 Purana Paltan, Dhaka 1000
Paragram BazarDhakaMomotaj Tower, Paragram Bazar, Koilail, Nawabganj, Dhaka
ParibaghDhakaBangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Paribagh, Dhaka
Pragati SaraniDhakaVenus Complex, Kha-199/2-199/4 Pragoti Sarani, Badda, Dhaka
Principal OfficeDhaka111-113 Motijheel C/A. Dhaka 1000
Ring RoadDhaka842 Bitul Aman Housing Society, Ring Road, Adabor, Dhaka
RuhitpurDhakaRima Plaza, Rohitpur Boarding, Keranigonj, Dhaka
RupnagarDhakaPlot 34, Road 16 Rupnagar, Mirpur, Dhaka
Satmasjid RoadDhakaHouse 42, Road 2A Dhanmondi, Dhaka
SavarDhakaB-70/1 Bazar Road, Savar, Dhaka
ScotiaDhakaRangs Bhaban, 117/A Old Airport Road, Bijay Sarani, Dhaka
ShantinagarDhakaTreasure Island, 42-43 Siddeshwari Circular Road, Dhaka 1217
ShyamoliDhaka23/4 Khiljee Road, Block B, Shyamoli, Dhaka
Sonargaon Janapath RoadDhakaCircle Windflower, Plot 30, Section 11, Sonargaon Janapath Road, Uttara, Dhaka
Tejgaon Link RoadDhakaShanta Western Tower, 186 Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka
UttaraDhakaHouse 79A, Road 07, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka
DinajpurDinajpurTorab Uddin Complex, South Munshipara, Dinajpur
FaridpurFaridpurThana Road, Faridpur
FeniFeni34 SSK Road, Feni
GazipurGazipurAkbar Trade Center, Shivbari More, Gazipur
KonabariGazipurRupjan Tower, Nilnagar, Konabari, Gazipur
Tongi BazarGazipurMariom Tower, 13 Anarkoli Road, Tongi Bazar, Gazipur
JessoreJessoreJess Tower, 39 MK Road, Jessore
KhulnaKhulnaAl-Mashah Complex, 44 Mojid Sarani, KDA Avenue (Shib Bari More), Khulna
BhairabKishoreganjKalibari Road, Bhairab Bazar, Kishoreganj
TarailKishoreganjTarail Bazar, Kishoreganj
KushtiaKushtiaHira Super Market, 278 NS Road, Kushtia
ChandraganjLakshmipur39 Sharif Plaza, Maddho Bazar, Chandraganj, Lakshmipur
Ramganj SMELakshmipurAnupom Super Market, Bypass Road, Ramganj, Lakshmipur
MoulvibazarMoulvibazarShah Mostafa Garden City, M Saifur Rahman Road, Moulvibazar
Baligaon SMEMunshiganjDewan Super Market, Baligaon Bazar, Tongibari, Munshiganj
MalkhanagarMunshiganjUnion Parishad Bhaban, Taltola Bazar, Malkhanagar, Munshiganj
NimtalaMunshiganjHemanta Shopping Complex, Nimtala, Sirajdikhan, Munshiganj
Serajdikhan SMEMunshiganjSikder Market, Serajdikhan Bazar, Munshiganj
MohadebpurNaogaonSaifuddin Haidar and Sons Plaza, Main Road, Mohadevpur, Naogaon
FatullaNarayanganjSwiss Point, Fatullah, Narayanganj
NarayanganjNarayanganjJahan Plaza, 20 Sirajuddowla Road, Falpatty, Narayanganj
MadhabdiNarsingdiShitlabari Bazar Road, Madhabdi, Narsingdi
ChatkhilNoakhaliHolding 3147, Khilpara Road, Chatkhil Bazar, Noakhali
SonaimuriNoakhaliUnited Plaza, Bank Road, Sonaimuri Bazar, Noakhali
IshwardiPabnaKendrio Jame Masjid Market, Station Road, Ishwardi, Pabna
RajshahiRajshahiAhmed Plaza, Alu Patti, Rajshahi
JagannathpurSunamganj76 T&T Road, Ward 07, Jagannathpur Bazar, Sunamganj
BeanibazarSylhetTazma Shopping City, Beani Bazar, Sylhet
LaldighirparSylhetMain Road, Laldighirpar, Sylhet
SylhetSylhetNiloy, 60 Dargah Gate, Sylhet
UpashaharSylhetRahim Tower, Subhanighat Bishwa Road, Sylhet

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Bank Asia Limited ATM Booth List and Location

Bank Asia Limited Bangladesh has many ATM booths, and if you want to know the list of all these summits, location map, and details, click on the link below and collect the complete information.

All Bank Asia Limited ATM Booths by Names

Booth NameAddressLocation
BarisalFakir Complex, 112 Sadar Road, BarisalBarisal Sadar, Barisal
BograJamil Shopping Complex, Baragala, BograBaragala, Bogra
BrahmanbariaMuktijoddha Complex Bhaban, 1061 Sadar Hospitial Road, BrahmanbariaBrahmanbaria Sadar, Brahmanbaria
HajiganjMunshi Plaza, Hajiganj, ChandpurHajiganj, Chandpur
Agrabad69 Agrabad C/A, ChittagongAgrabad, Chittagong
Agrabad BrBank Asia Bhaban, 39 Agrabad C/A, ChittagongAgrabad, Chittagong
Sheikh Mujib Road1269/B Sheikh Mujib Road, Agrabad, ChittagongAgrabad, Chittagong
Anderkilla184 J.M. Sen Avenue, Anderkilla, ChittagongAnderkilla, Chittagong
Chaktai1676/G/1 River City Market, Chaktai, Bakalia, ChittagongBakalia, Chittagong
CEPZZone Service Complex, CEPZ, Bandar, ChittagongBandar, Chittagong
Oxyzen More422 Oxyzen More, Kulgaon, Bayazid, ChittagongBayazid, Chittagong
DohazariSadek Tower, Dohazari Bazar, Chandanaish, ChittagongChandanaish, Chittagong
KalurghatKobir Tower, Mohra, Kamal Bazar, Kalurghat, ChittagongKalurghat, Chittagong
LohagaraMostafa Center, Lohagara, ChittagongLohagara, Chittagong
Nasirabad665 CDA Avenue, East Nasirabad, ChittagongNasirabad, Chittagong
Booth NameAddressDistrict
KEPZKarnaphuli Export Processing Zone, Ward 40, North Patenga, ChittagongPatenga, Chittagong
LichubaganAl-Emarat Complex, Lichubagan, Chandraghona, Rangunia, ChittagongRangunia, Chittagong
PatherhatIbrahim Sobhar Tower, Patherhat, Noapara, Raozan, ChittagongRaozan, Chittagong
BhatiaryBhatiary Bazar, Sitakunda, ChittagongSitakunda, Chittagong
Station RoadMohiuddin Market, 170 Station Road, ChittagongStation Road, Chittagong
Strand RoadS.A. Chamber, 317 Strand Road, Majhiirghat, ChittagongStrand Road, Chittagong
ComillaChowdhury Plaza 2, Holding No. 465/401, Jhawtala, ComillaJhawtala, Comilla
Cox’s BazarJ.N. Plaza, Tekpara, Burmese Market, Main Road, Cox’s BazarCox’s Bazar Sadar, Cox’s Bazar
Adabar842 Bitul Aman Housing Society, Ring Road, Adabar, DhakaAdabar, Dhaka
BananiAR Tower, 24 Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, DhakaBanani, Dhaka
North South Road89 Shahid Syed Nazrul Islam Sarani, North South Road, DhakaBangshal, Dhaka
BasabooSiddique Point, 87 East Basaboo, DhakaBasaboo, Dhaka
BashundharaPlot 25, Block A, Avenue Road, Bashundhara R/A , DhakaBashundhara, Dhaka
DhanmondiMeher Plaza, House 13, Road 5, Dhanmondi, DhakaDhanmondi, Dhaka
DhanmondiPlot 78, Bir Uttam M.A. Rab Sarak, Zigatala Bus Stand, Dhanmondi, DhakaDhanmondi, Dhaka
Satmasjid RoadHouse No. 42, Road 2A, Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi, DhakaDhanmondi, Dhaka
Elephant Road64 New Elephant Road, DhakaElephant Road, Dhaka
GulshanBays Galleria, 57 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka 1212Gulshan, Dhaka
NiketanHouse No. 15, Road 8, Block G, Niketan Main Road, Gulshan 1, DhakaGulshan, Dhaka
JatrabariNoor Tower, 76/GA Bibir Bagicha, North Jatrabari, DhakaJatrabari, Dhaka
JurainAnaz Tower, 495 East Jurain, Kadamtali, DhakaJurain, Dhaka
KamalapurMotijheel Model School & College, Kamalapur, Motijheel, DhakaKamalapur, Dhaka
Karwan Bazar32 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Karwan Bazar, DhakaKarwan Bazar, Dhaka
Scotia BrRangs Bhaban, 117/A Old Airport Road, Tejgoan, DhakaKarwan Bazar, Dhaka
KeraniganjKalatiya Shopping Centre, Shamserpur, Keraniganj, DhakaKeraniganj, Dhaka
RuhitpurRima Plaza, Ruitpur Boarding, Keraniganj, DhakaKeraniganj, Dhaka
LalmatiaPlot 4/3, Block D, Satmasjid Road, Lalmatia, DhakaLalmatia, Dhaka
MirpurHouse No. 3/4, Road 6, Section 6, Mirpur, DhakaMirpur, Dhaka
Rupnagar16/34 Main Road, Rupnagar R/A, DhakaMirpur, Dhaka
MoghbazarTropical ML Point, 43 New Circular Road, Moghbazar, DhakaMoghbazar, Dhaka
Mohakhali82 Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka 1212Mohakhali, Dhaka
Dilkusha4 Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka 1000Motijheel, Dhaka
MotijheelTea Board Building, 111-113 Motijheel C/A, DhakaMotijheel, Dhaka
AglabazarShafi Plaza, Aglabazar, Nawabganj, DhakaNawabganj, Dhaka
NawabganjShafi Plaza, Bandura Road, Nawabganj, DhakaNawabganj, Dhaka
ParagramMamtaj Plaza, Paragram, Nawabganj, DhakaNawabganj, Dhaka
Borak TowerRed Crescent Borak Tower, 71-72 Old Airport Road, Eskaton, DhakaNew Eskaton, Dhaka
Holy Family HospitalHFRCMCH, 1 Eskaton Garden Road, DhakaNew Eskaton, Dhaka
PallabiPlot 1, Avenue 4, Sector 6, Block c, Pallabi, Mirpur, Dhaka 1216Pallabi, Dhaka
Purana PaltanRangs Tower, 68 Purana Paltan, Dhaka 1000Paltan, Dhaka
PanthapathDH Tower, Plot 6, Panthapath, DhakaPanthapath, Dhaka
Pragati SaraniKha-199/3 & 199/4 Pragati Sarani, Maddhya Badda, DhakaPragati Sarani, Dhaka
AshuliaTanvir Super Market, Ashulia, Savar, DhakaSavar, Dhaka
HemayetpurMollah Market, Hemayetpur, Savar, DhakaSavar, Dhaka
JamgoraChowdhury Plaza,Jamgora Chowrasta, Ashulia, Savar, DhakaSavar, Dhaka
SavarBazar Road, Savar, DhakaSavar, Dhaka
ShahbaghBSMMU, Shahbagh, DhakaShahbagh, Dhaka
ShantinagarTreasure Island, 41-42 Siddheshwari Circular Road, Shantinagar, DhakaShantinagar, Dhaka
Shyamoli23/4 Khiljee Road, Block B, Shyamoli, DhakaShyamoli, Dhaka
DoniaHossain Tower, 1050 Donia, Shyampur, DhakaShyampur, Dhaka
Sonargaon RoadNoor Tower, 73 Sonargaon Road, Dhaka 1205Sonargaon Road, Dhaka
TejgaonSPL Western Tower, Tejgaon, DhakaTejgaon, Dhaka
Tejgoan IARangs Work Shop, 38 Tejgoan I/A, Beside BG Press, DhakaTejgoan, Dhaka
DakshinkhanKC Plaza, Noapara, Dakshin Khan, DhakaUttara, Dhaka
UttaraHouse 79/A, Road 07, Sector 04, Uttara, DhakaUttara, Dhaka
DinajpurTorab Uddin Complex, South Munshipara, DinajpurMunshipara, Dinajpur
FaridpurPlot 2354, Goalchamot, Thana Road, FaridpurFaridpur Sadar, Faridpur
Feni243 S.S.K. Road, FeniSSK Road, Feni
GazipurAkbar Trade Center, Shivbari More, Gazipur Sadar, GazipurGazipur Sadar, Gazipur
KonabariRupjan Tower, Nilnagar, Konabari, GazipurKonabari, Gazipur
Tongi BazarMorium Tower, 13 Anarkali Road, Tongi Bazar, GazipurTongi, Gazipur
MuksudpurFarid Miah complex, Thana Gate, Muksudpur, GopalganjMuksudpur, Gopalganj
JessoreJess Tower, 39 M.K. Road, JessoreMK Road, Jessore
Iqbal Road28 Sir Iqbal Road, KhulnaIqbal Road, Khulna
KDA Avenue44 Moshid Soroni, KDA Avenue, Khulna 9100KDA Avenue, Khulna
Bhairab BazarKalibari Road, Bhairab Bazar, KishoreganjBhairab, Kishoreganj
TarailTarail Bazar, KishoreganjTarail, Kishoreganj
KushtiaHira Super Market, 278 N.S. Road, KushtiaNS Road, Kushtia
ChandraganjSharif Plaza, Maddho Bazar, Chandraganj, LakshmipurChandraganj, Lakshmipur
RamganjBy Pass Road, Ramganj, LakshmipurRamganj, Lakshmipur
MoulvibazarShah Mostafa Garden City, M Saifur Rahman Road, MoulvibazarMoulvibazar Sadar, Moulvibazar
MalkhanagarTaltola Bazar, Malkhanagar, Sirajdikhan, MunshiganjSirajdikhan, Munshiganj
NimtolaHemanto Shopping Complex, Nimtola Bus Stand, Sirajdikhan, MunshiganjSirajdikhan, Munshiganj
Sirajdikhan BazarSirajdikhan Bazar, MunshiganjSirajdikhan, Munshiganj
TongibariDewan Super Market, Baligaon Bazar, Tongibari, MunshiganjTongibari, Munshiganj
NaogaonSoyefuddin Haider & Sons Complex, Mohadebpur, NaogaonMohadebpur, Naogaon
FatullahSwiss Point, Fatullah, NarayanganjFatullah, Narayanganj
Sirajuddowla RoadJahan Plaza, 20 Sirajuddowla Road, Falpatty, NarayanganjSirajuddowla Road, Narayanganj
Madhabdi542-543 Anandi, Madhabdi, NarsingdiMadhabdi, Narsingdi
ChatkhilHolding 3147, Khipara Road, Chatkhil Bazar, NoakhaliChatkhil, Noakhali
SonaimuriUnited Plaza 2, Holding 64/48 & 46/63, Bank Road, Sonaimuri, NoakhaliSonaimuri, Noakhali
IshwardiStation Road, Ishwardi, PabnaIshwardi, Pabna
RajshahiAhamed Plaza, Alupatti, RajshahiAlupatti, Rajshahi
BoaliaBarind Medical College & Hospital, 179/1 Chhota Banogram, Boalia, RajshahiBoalia, Rajshahi
RangpurRangpur Bhaban, Holding No. 12555, Station Road, RangpurRangpur Sadar, Rangpur
Sunamganj76 T&T Road, Ward 07,Jagannathpur Bazar, SunamganjJagannathpur Bazar, Sunamganj
BeanibazarTajma Shopping City, Beanibazar, SylhetBeanibazar, Sylhet
Dargah Gate60 Niloy Road, Dargah Gate, SylhetDargah Gate, Sylhet
Laldighirpar838 Laldighirpar, Main Road, SylhetLaldighirpar, Sylhet
Rikabi BazarRikabi Bazar, SylhetRikabi Bazar, Sylhet
UpashaharRahim Tower, Subhanighat, Biswas Road, SylhetUpashahar, Sylhet
Tangail279 Masjid Road, Tangail Sadar, TangailTangail Sadar, Tangail

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Career of Bank Asia Limited

If you want to get a Banking job or are looking for a job then Bank Asia Limited has hired some people from time to time to build a career and has opened an online site where you can apply or apply online if notice is published.

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Conclusion: In this post, you to find out more about Bank Asia Limited Customer Care Number, Head Office Address, Routing Number, Swift Code, and other contact details.Thanks for being with us today.

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