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The national pay scale or pay scale is issued every 5 years. For example, after 2005 the pay scale was issued in 2009 and the last pay scale was issued in 2015. After the issuance of the National Salary Scale 2015, it has been informed that no more pay scales will be announced. National Salary Scale 2015 has been announced as a permanent pay scale.

What is the national salary scale or pay scale?

The pay scale is the order or gazette containing the rules and regulations regarding the salaries and allowances of government employees. The latest national pay scale issued on 15 December 2015.

Title, Introduction, and Application: This Order shall be called the Job (Salary and Allowances) Order, 2015.

Definition: National Salary Scale 2015 means personal salary or allowance other than personal salary or personal allowance associated with any position or work as per orders issued by the Government from time to time, including the basic salary received or due on 30 June 2015.

Steps of National Salary Scale 2015

  • Grade-01 Taka 78000 (Assigned)
  • Grade-02 Taka 66000-74400
  • Grade-03 Taka 56500-74400
  • Grade-04 Taka 50000-61200
  • Grade-05 Taka 43000-69750
  • Grade-06 Taka 35500-60100
  • Grade-07 Taka 29000-63410
  • Grade-08 Taka 23000-55460
  • Grade-09 Taka 22000-53060
  • Grade-10 Taka 18000-3640
  • Grade-11 Taka 12500-30230
  • Grade-12 Taka 11300-28300
  • Grade-13 Taka 11000-26590
  • Grade-14 Taka 10200-2460
  • Grade-15 Taka 9800-23490
  • Grade-16 Taka 9300-22490
  • Grade-18 Taka 9000-21600
  • Grade-16 Taka 8800-21310
  • Grade-19 Taka 8500-20560
  • Grade-20 Taka 8250-20010

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Senior Secretary, Lt General82,000সিনিয়র সচিব,লে. জেনারেল –
General, Admiral,
Marshal, Cabinet Secretary
86,000তিনবাহিনী প্রধান , মুখ্য সচিব, মন্ত্রিপরিষদ সচিব
State Minister92,000প্রতিমন্ত্রী
Leader of opposition105,000বিরোধি দলীয় নেতা
Chief Justice1,10,000প্রধান বিচারপতি
Speaker of Parliament1,12,000স্পিকার
Prime Minister1,15,000প্রধানমন্ত্রী

Availability of National Salary Scale 2015:

On or before June 30, 2015, any employee receiving the basic scale, individual scale, selection grade scale, senior scale, or higher scale (Time Scale) for the relevant post, he/she will be entitled to his / her current pay scale as described in paragraph 3 (1) from 1 July 2015. You will be entitled to a scale similar to the National Salary Scale 2015, shown on the opposite.

Salary determination in National Salary Scale 2015:

The salary of the employee who was receiving the basic pay scale, senior scale, selection grade scale, individual scale, or higher scale (time scale) in the current pay scale shall be determined in accordance with the current pay scale, 2015 under the conditions of paragraph 4 and in the following manner.

Matters mentioned in the National Salary Allowance Order:

Copy of pay scale is required for payment of arrears of government employees. Which you can keep in the collection.

Jobs in the Civil Service (Salary and Allowance Order)
Step of the pay scale.
Determining house rent.
In determining the rent of the house due to the place of residence of the employee working in the attachment.
Determination of travel allowance.

The National Salary Scale or Pay Scale is all the rules and regulations relating to the salaries and allowances of all government employees. The latest national pay scale or pay scale in Bangladesh issued on 15 December 2015.

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