Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Bangladesh

When we explore the top 10 highest paying jobs in Bangladesh, it’s worth noting that these occupations are going to provide you with amazing pay and high compensation. As a country, Bangladesh has been able to grow from strength to success over many years. This resulted in employment opportunities and doors opening up for new business ventures. When searching for a job or profession, it’s essential to look at the facts- even though corporations make offers depending on your performance level, you will need some level of proficiency when deciding what career path is right for you.

Best Highest Paying Jobs in Bangladesh 2022 High-Paying-Jobs-in-bangladesh

Garments Sector Jobs

The garment industry has been at the forefront of Bangladesh‘s foreign exchange earnings for many years now. Garments have created employment opportunities for numerous unemployed people in Bangladesh and a large population is involved with this industry. Our country is earning substantial foreign exchange through the sale of these products, as well as employing some of the lowest-paid employees in the country who just so happen to also be some of our highest-paid workers when it comes to salary range between 1,00,000 BDT – 3,00,000 BDT per month on average which makes it one of our top-paying jobs.

Engineering Jobs

Engineers, who have the specialization of being electrical or civil engineer, are generally well-paid in their jobs. Income varies greatly based on where you work but most companies pay fairly well as long as they are reputable organizations. Senior engineers act more than anything else in a managerial position and recruit others for the company, train them and oversee engineering teams to ensure productivity is met without going over budget- all while working with other engineers to establish product development programs that make manufacturing more efficient and effective! A degree from a reputed institution is necessary before getting recruited by any firm because it determines your salary range; fifty thousand Bangladeshi Taka (BDT) can go up to three lakhs BDT depending on how educated you are about this field!

Doctors Profession

Doctors are a high-paying profession. One of the best aspects of being a doctor is that they have the opportunity to help people directly, as well as provide knowledge and experience in an exciting field with many challenges. The job has its pros and cons though – doctors may be more likely to make more money in private practice than public service which comes with greater safety risks associated with it because surgeons also need vast knowledge, skills, and continuous training over time for their career goals. Doctors may earn 50,000 BDT per month on average up until 3 lakhs (300 thousand) BDT.

IT Project Manager

The IT industry is constantly evolving, so staying up to date with the latest information can help you get a high-paying job. As an example, if you apply for one of Bangladesh’s high-paying jobs and need one, take note that software and hardware are essential knowledge for an IT project manager. In addition to this cybersecurity skills as well as understanding practical principles are required–not only education in these fields is needed but also experience in them! Various universities offer computer technology degrees at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The salary range starts from 45300 Bangladeshi taka (BDT) all the way through 3 laks BDT!


Accountants are people who help firms and individuals balance their accounts, maximize earnings, and stay on top of their taxes. Accountants may specialize in various fields; this makes it one of the most exemplary careers in Bangladesh as well as worldwide. To become an accountant from Bangladesh or anywhere else for that matter you need to go through a lot steps. You must graduate from an accounting profession-or something similar-and then move onto becoming certified often bypassing country specific exams like those given by the Institute of Accounting Professionals of Bangladesh’s four part test which can earn you up to 300000 BDT per month with a starting salary at 400000 BDT.

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Lawyers are professionals who help you with your rights and obligations in various situations. They have a responsibility to listen to your concerns, discuss them with you, and provide sound legal advice. Although getting a legal degree can be challenging, once you do it may lead to making a lot of money for yourself which is why investors focus on lawyers. With the aid of good lawyer(s), one could make or save large sums of money as well as escape death sentences because they would understand all their options better than an individual without counsel might. Output: Salary range: 40K – 150K BDT

Financial Analysts

Financial analysts provide recommendations to businesses based on their understanding of changes in the industry, competitive dynamics, as well as data analysis. They build economic models that predict the impact of specific business actions and to help companies make investment and financing decisions. This is one of the most profitable jobs available in Bangladesh; it’s also in high demand all around the world. The best place to start a career as a Financial Analyst is with an undergraduate degree. You must have a financial or business degree, along with knowledge about analytics for this position. Once you are eligible for consideration, you will additionally take an exam offered by the CFA Association of Bangladesh entitled Certified Financial Analyst (CFA). Salary range: 25000-150000 BDT.

Software Engineer

The present-day is called the “age of theory and technology,” which means a lot of things are now dependent on technology. That’s why there is an increasing demand for technologists all over the world. Software engineers have contributed to this growth in demand. Software engineers work towards implementing engineering concepts into programs. So it’s not surprising that they are sought after by those who want to improve or design new technologies themselves. In Bangladesh specifically- where few experts with relevant skills exist – high-paying jobs are in short supply. However, because there is such a need for them across the planet as well as back home in Bangladesh. Where salary ranges from 40K t0 1 Lakh 45 K. Employers can afford to be picky about specific requirements like expertise level or experience when hiring candidates.


An architect is a person in charge of designing and planning structures. They also collaborate with clients to create a design that satisfies their demands while staying structurally sound. Architects provide detailed technical drawings and exact specifications based on those requirements to help them accomplish this task. To become an architect, you must first have a bachelor’s degree in architecture which generally takes five years to complete. You will need some work experience, as well as enrolling with the Academy of Builders Bangladesh after finishing school courses.  Your credentials before being able to begin working as one professionally (salary range: 20,000-150,000BDT).

Human Resource Manager

The Human Resources Department was not an idea that local businesspeople immediately took to. Nevertheless, its practicality and necessity have increased interest in it. There are many different aspects of the HRD department-registering required officials, assessing their needs and providing them with a salary. The critical training they need before they can work for us. The section also monitors officials’ needs while employees (who do real labor) are valued by being given genuine employment too. A Master’s or MBA degree in HR requires to work with any candidate.

Salary range: 20,000 to 130,000 BDT.

Final Thoughts

A number of factors influence the availability and need for eJobs circular BD in various marketplaces. Another important factor is supply and demand. These jobs have become obsolete due to recent innovations, but new opportunities will arise because of increased needs. This list of the top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Bangladesh will give you a better understanding of all job sectors. You make an informed decision and plan accordingly for your future!

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