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There are 61 scheduled banks in Bangladesh, but only a few could make it to Bangladesh’s top 10 best banks in Bangladesh. This is because all banks are under the complete control and supervision of the Bangladesh Bank. In addition, Bangladesh Bank has empowered all Banks Order by 1972 and Bank Company Act, 1991. Therefore, the ranking is based on the banks’ statistics over the years.

Top 10 Best Banks in Bangladesh

According to Bangladesh Bank primarily two types of Banks in Bangladesh. One of the Scheduled and non-Scheduled Banks. There are now 61 scheduled and 5 non-scheduled banks in Bangladesh. We provide here the top 10 best Banks in Bangladesh. Let’s see the top 10 best Banks in Bangladesh.

BRAC Bank Limited

BRAC Bank Limited

BRAC Bank Ltd (BBL) is a private commercial bank. Sir Fazle Hasan Abed was founded BRAC Bank on 4 July 2001. BRAC Bank is helping the unbanked people of Bangladesh. BRAC bank is one of the popular best banks in Bangladesh

TypePublic Limited
Founded4 July 2001 (21 years ago)
FounderSir Fazle Hasan Abed KCMG

Anik Tower, 220/B Tejgaon Gulshan Link Road, Tejgaon, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh

Number of Locations187 Branches
ChairmanDr. Ahsan H. Mansur
 Managing Director & CEOMr. Selim RF Hussain 
Revenue৳28.727 billion (US$340 million) (2020)
Operating Income৳8.194 billion (US$97 million) (2020)
Net Income৳4.026 billion (US$48 million) (2020)
Total Assets৳456.595 billion (US$5.4 billion) (2020)
Number of Employees7740 (2020)

bKash Ltd, BRAC Saajan Exchange Ltd, BRAC EPL Investments Ltd, BRAC EPL Stock Brokerage Ltd.

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Dutch Bangla Bank Limited

Dutch Bangla Bank Limited

Dutch Bangla Bank (DBBL) is the best bank in Bangladesh. DBBL is a joint-venture private commercial bank between M Sahabuddin Ahmed (Founder & Chairman) and a Dutch company. DBBL was established on June 3, 1996. Dutch Bangla Bank (DBBL) is one of the most service provider banks in Bangladesh.

TypePublic Limited
FoundedJune 3, 1996 (27 years ago)
FounderM Sahabuddin Ahmed (Founder & Chairman) and  Dutch company

Motijheel, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Number of Locations214 branches
ChairmanSayem Ahmed
 CEOAbul Kashem Mohammed Shirin
Revenue৳29.216 billion (US$350 million) (2018)
Operating Income৳7.224 billion (US$86 million) (2018)
Net Income৳4.201 billion (US$50 million) (2018)
Total Assets৳346.469 billion (US$4.1 billion) (2018)
Number of Employees1661 (2018)

Rocket Ltd.

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hsbc Bank

Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) was opened in Bangladesh at 1996. HSBC Bank provides this time a range of financial services in Bangladesh including commercial, consumer banking. HSBC Bank provide also global liquidity and cash management, trade services, treasury, and custody and clearing.

TypePublic Limited
Founded3 March 1865 (156 years ago)
FounderSir Thomas Sutherland

HSBC Main Building, Central, Hong Kong

Number of Locations6,200 Branches
ChairmanLaura Cha
 CEOPeter Wong (Deputy Chairman​ & CEO)
RevenueHK$255.233 billion $32.93 billion (2017)
Operating Income HK$100.939 billion $13.02 billion (2017)
Net IncomeHK$96.018 billion $12.39 billion (2017)
Total AssetsHK$7.943 trillion $1.025 trillion (2017)
Number of Employees232,957
SubsidiariesHang Seng Bank

Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd

Islami Bank Ltd

Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd (IBBL) (ইসলামী ব্যাংক বাংলাদেশ লিমিটেড) is fast sharia agreeable bank based in Bangladesh. IBBL was established by Saudi and Kuwaiti investors in 30 March 1983. Right now, Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd has many agent around the country.

TypePublic Limited
Founded13 March 1983 (39 years ago)
FounderSaudi and Kuwaiti Investors

Islami Bank Tower 40, Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka – 1000, Bangladesh

Number of Locations384 Branches
ChairmanMd. Nazmul Hassan, Ph. D
 CEOMohammed Monirul Moula
Revenue৳88.74 billion (US$1.1 billion)(2019)
Operating Income ৳43.79.74 billion (US$520 million)(2019)
Net Income৳5.48 billion (US$65 million)(2019)
Total Assets৳1142.18 billion (US$14 billion)(2019)
Number of Employees14,000
SubsidiariesIBBL Exchange Singapore Pte. Ltd.

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Eastern Bank Ltd

Eastern Bank Ltd

Eastern Bank Ltd( EBL) was established on August 16, 1992, by BCCI. EBL is a private commercial bank. Eastern Bank Ltd was recorded in the DSE and the CSE. EBL has 85 branches and 214 ATMs around in Bangladesh.

TypePrivate (Non-Government)
FoundedAugust 8, 1992 (29 years ago)
HeadquartersDhaka, Bangladesh
Number of Locations85 Branches
ChairmanMd. Showkat Ali Chowdhury
 CEOAli Reza Iftekhar
RevenueUS$180 million (2019)
Operating IncomeUS$95 million (2019)
Net IncomeUS$95 million (2019)
Total AssetsUS$4 billion (2019)
Number of Employees3,000+
SubsidiariesEBL Investment Limited

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AB Bank Limited

AB Bank Limited

Arab Bangladesh Bank( AB Bank) is the private bank in Bangladesh established 31 December 1981. On 14 November 2007, Bangladesh bank affirmed the name change to AB Bank from Arab Bangladesh Bank.

TypePublic Limited
FoundedApril 2, 1982 (39 years ago)
FounderMuhammad A. (Rumee) Ali
HeadquartersDhaka, Bangladesh
Number of Locations 104 Branches
ChairmanMuhammad A. (Rumee) Ali
 CEOTarique Afzal
Revenue৳279,458 Million(2019)
Operating Income ৳256,512 Million(2019)
Net Income৳5.48 Million (2019)
Total Assets৳ 365,569 Million (2019)
Number of Employees2,210
Subsidiaries AB Exchange (UK) Limited, AB Investment Limited

Prime Bank Limited

Prime Bank Limited

Prime Bank Limited(PBL) is a private commercial bank in Bangladesh established on 17 April 1995. PBL is exchanged at the Dhaka stock trade and Chittagong stock trade.

TypePrivate (Non-Government)
Founded1995 (27 years ago)
FounderTanjil Chowdhury
HeadquartersDhaka, Bangladesh
Number of Locations1 146 Branches
ChairmanTanjil Chowdhury
 CEOHassan O Rashid
RevenueUS$272 million (2016)
Operating IncomeUS$27 million (2016)
Net IncomeUS$27 million (2016)
Total AssetsUS$9.2 billion (2016)
Number of Employees3,090
SubsidiariesPrime Bank Securities Limited

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Sonali Bank Limited

sonali bank Ltd

Sonali Bank Limited was established in 1972. It is a government-owned leading public commercial bank. Sonali Bank Limited is the largest bank in the country.

TypePublic Limited
Founded1972 (50 years ago)
FounderNational Bank of Pakistan
HeadquartersMotijheel, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Number of Locations1227 Branches
ChairmanZiaul Hasan Siddiqui
 CEOMd. Ataur Rahman Prodhan
Revenue৳45.61 billion (US$540 million) (2018)
Operating Income৳2.32 billion (US$27 million) (2018)
Net Income৳2.32 billion (US$27 million) (2018)
Total Assets৳1307.75 billion (US$15 billion)( 2018)
Number of Employees21,839
SubsidiariesSonali Investment Limited

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Janata Bank Limited

Janata Bank Limited

Janata Bank Ltd (জনতা ব্যাংক লিমিটেড) is a state- claimed business bank of Bangladesh set up in 1972. JB central command is arranged at Motijheel in Dhaka। the capital megacity of Bangladesh. It’s the biggest bank in Bangladesh right now. Janata Bank is the most harmonious bank with a fair share of profit and net income over time, which has made its way into the top banks inside Bangladesh.

Founded1972 (President’s Order 26)
FounderSaudi and Kuwaiti Investors
HeadquartersDhaka, Bangladesh
Number of Locations912 Branches
ChairmanProfessor Dr. S. M. Mahfuzur Rahman
 CEOMd. Abdus Salam Azad
RevenueUS$272 million (2016)
Operating IncomeUS$27 million (2016)
Net IncomeUS$27 million (2016)
Total AssetsUS$9.2 billion (2016)
Number of Employees12,391 (2017)
SubsidiariesJanata Capital and Investment Limited

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Agrani Bank Limited


Agrani Bank Limited (ABL) (অগ্রণী ব্যাংক) is a state-possessed commercial bank of Bangladesh established in 1972. Its headquarters is positioned at Motijheel in Dhaka, the capital megacity of Bangladesh.
Agrani Bank Ltd was established on 26 March 1972. The Government of Bangladesh entirely possesses the Bank. ABL is governed by a Board of Directors conforming of 12 members headed by a Chairman.

34 Divisions in head office, 62 zonal services, and 941 branches, including 27 commercial and 40 Announcement ( authorized dealer) branches. Agrani Bank Limited (ABL) is taking over the means, liability, and goodwill of Agrani Bank. They’re also the possessors of Agrani Bank Cricket Club.

Type Public Limited Company 
Founded26 March 1972 (50 years ago)
Founder Pakistani banks Commerce Bank and Habib Bank
HeadquartersDhaka, Bangladesh
Number of Locations 956 Branches
ChairmanDr Zaid Bakht
 CEOMohammad Shams-Ul Islam
RevenueBDT 2,244.24 crore
Operating IncomeUS$400 million (2019)
Net Incomexxxxxx
Total AssetsUS$10 billion (2019)
Number of Employees12,051 (2019)
SubsidiariesFinance and insurance

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List of Government Bank in Bangladesh

There is 6 List of government Bank in Bangladesh. These are fully or majorly owned by the Govt of Bangladesh. Here you will find all the list of Government-owned banks in BD.

PositionGovernment Banks
1Janata Bank LTD
2Sonali Bank LTD
3Rupali Bank LTD
5Agrani Bank LTD
6Bangladesh Development Bank


All the famed banks in Bangladesh are pushing Bangladesh to boundaries that have no way seen ahead. These are the top 10 Banks list in Bangladesh that is helping Bangladesh the most. We hope that they keep soaring so that Bangladesh strides forward in the profitable sector.


How many banks are in Bangladesh?

There are 66 Banks in Bangladesh.

How many commercial banks are in Bangladesh?

There are 55 commercial banks, 9 foreign banks are currently operating beside 46 local commercial banks in Bangladesh.

Which bank has the most branches in Bangladesh?

Sonali Bank Limited (SBL), 1227 Branches.

Which is the 1st private bank in Bangladesh?

Arab Bangladesh Bank (AB Bank) was the 1st private bank in Bangladesh in 1982. Later, National Bank Limited (NBL) was established in 1983.

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