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In 1984, the Bangladesh government allowed the private sector in the insurance industry to form Delta Life Insurance Company Limited, based on the number of Bangladeshi nationals working abroad. They started it because they wanted their fellow citizens to have access to the top-class insurance services available in the West. Since its first day, Delta Life Insurance has worked towards the same goal. Today it has become a big company. They have planned to keep in mind society’s expectations, which is the primary reason for their success.

delta life Insurance

History of Delta Life Insurance

December 17, 1986. The trip of Delta Life Insurance Company began. Since also, it’s only a forward march. The company surfaced under the prudent leadership of its author, Chairman and Managing Director Late Shafat Ahmed Chowdhuri, Actuary, as the government permitted the operation of insurance business in the private sector in the medial 1980s.

The avowed charge of the company was to bring the advantages of insurance to the home of the millions and establish it as a safe and economical means of investment. In line with the over, Delta Life started its conditioning and has been suitable to gain the trust and confidence of hundreds and thousands of people.
Delta LifeInsurance company extended its operation through a combination of traditional and innovative life programs. Piecemeal from Ordinary Life, Group, and Health Insurance, Gono Grameen Bima is an immensely popular scheme among pastoral folk. Delta Life company introduced the micro-insurance scheme for the first time in Bangladesh while its operation has set an illustration of its kind. Gono Grameen Bima is largely admired both at home and abroad and has opened a new outlook in the realm of life insurance. Also, it has played a pivotal part in depleting insurance in BD.

The privately-owned insurance company was established in 1986. This insurance company is one of the leading insurance companies in the country. Because it has been playing a unique role in the development of the country’s socio-economic condition. This insurance company is located in the Uttara Bank building adjacent to Motijheel Shapla Chattar. The insurance company has about 90 branches in Dhaka city.

Delta Life Insurance Policy

This insurance company offers various types of insurance benefits to its customers. Some of the notable policies are – Ordinary Life Insurance, Micro Insurance, Group Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Individual Life Insurance, Mass Insurance, Grameen Insurance, etc. Most of the long-term policies do here. However, there are also short-term policy measures, such as group life insurance and health insurance. Group life insurance term is 5 years, and the total premium ranges from TK. 15,000 to TK. 150,000, and the amount of installment money depends on his age. If the insured’s age is more minor, then the amount of installment is less, and if the period is more, then the amount of installment is more. These installments are payable monthly.

Generally, the term of a short-term policy is 1 year, 3 years, 5 years. In the case of a short-term policy, no refund of the policy will be available if no accident occurs even after the expiry of the policy. In the case of policy, 10% income tax revoke in income tax. Some notable long-term policies are that Ordinary Life Insurance has 10 to 25 years. The total premium ranges from Tk.1,00,000 to Tk.60,000,000, and the amount of installment depends on the insured’s age. The older the person and the higher the risk of death, the higher the installment amount. And if the period is less, the amount of installment is less. This installment can pay monthly, quarterly, and annually. However, the amount to pay depends on the age.

Delta Life Insurance Policy Management

It takes 1 copy of your photo and national identity card to open a policy account. The premium money can be deposited in the office and with the insurance agents. But you have to come to the office to deposit the original capital. A Delay in payment of 5 installments of the policy will result in the cancellation of the policy. However, if the installment is delayed within 3 years, the principal amount refunded. Otherwise not refund. There is a system to know about the policy through mobile and the internet.

Delta Life Insurance Claim Settlement

In case of death in case of life insurance, the death claim is paid within one month. In that case, a death certificate and chairman’s certificate are required.

Delta Life Insurance Customer service

Customers will be able to get all the information, including the status of the policy, full details of the bonus, selection of place of service, and submission of claim application. All-time information needs to be a dial on 0175 080000.

Delta Life Insurance is committe to providing the highest level of customer service. Anyone can call 0175 080000 to understand the benefits and requirements of insurance. Every customer’s phone call is valuable to Delta Life’s trained customer support executives.

Delta Life Insurance Address

Delta Life Tower
Plot # 37, Road # 90
Gulshan Circle – 2, Dhaka – 1212
Telephone: 09613 666 000 (PABX)


Delta Life Insurance Management Person

  • Mr. Md. Quddus Khan, Administrator Secretary (Rtd.), GOB & Ex Member, IDRA
  • Mr. Uttam Kumar Sadhu, FCMA, FCS, Deputy Managing Director
  • Mr. Md. Manzure Mawla
    Deputy Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer
  • Dr. Ashraf Uddin, M.B.B.S.
    Executive Director
  • Mr. Chowdhury Qamrul Ahsan
    Executive Director

Delta Life Insurance is one of the insurance companies in Bangladesh. Insurance services evolve in Bangladesh as local people become more aware of their day-to-day security. The good benefits of some companies have trusted. The people of Bangladesh are returning to them with optimism. In today’s article, we will cover delta life insurance company in Bangladesh.

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